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2012-2013 2nd Year/Returning Nursing Graduate/Professional Financial Aid and Scholarship Application

Use this application if you wish to apply for scholarship and federal student loans. You must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive federal student loans.


Personal Information



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Local/Mailing Adress:



* Zip: * -

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Financial Aid Information

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(Select All That Apply) *

Fall 2012 Credit Hours

Spring 2013 Credit Hours

Summer 2013 Credit Hours


Enroll Status

Enroll Status

Enroll Status


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Employer Benefits $:

Vanderbilt Faculty/Staff Discount $:

Source/amount of outside sources of aid you anticipate receiving in 2012-2013

Be sure to include assistance/benefits from Veteran's Benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation, Outside scholarships, etc.



SKIP THIS SECTION AND CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON if your enrollment will be less than 12 hours a semester or your current GPA is less than 3.0. DNP students should NOT complete this section.

We prefer that you complete this scholarship application by a May 31, 2012. However, applications submitted after this date will still be considered for scholarships.

If you are determined to be eligible for one of the full tuition merit scholarships, you will receive (by E-mail) a special scholarship application on or before June 22, 2012.


* Male Female


Cone Scholarship Information:

Please send a short but detailed email to explaining how the Cone scholarship will assist you in your studies along with meeting your financial obligations as a single parent.

* Yes No If yes, how many dependents?

Hassenplug Scholarship Information:

Please send a short but detailed email to explaining your goals related to this scholarship.

Yes No

Morrison Scholarship Information:

* Yes No

If yes to either question, please send an email to explaining that you have a relative who served in one or both and state how you are related to that person. Short stories or personal anecdotes are welcome.

Pass It On Scholarship Information:

This scholarship would be awarded with the recipient's full understanding that given the time and opportunity within the first 10 years following graduation, the receipient will provide financial, emotional, and/or moral support to other nursing students seeking to further their education.

Please send a short but detailed email to explaining how you will complete this requirement.

Zelle Scholarship Information:

* Yes No

If yes, please send a short but detailed email to explaining your career plans.

If you send a separate email to for one of the named scholarships listed, please provide the name of the scholarship in the subject line of the email. Do not send a Word document. You should include your specialty in your email. If you are applying for more than one of the scholarships listed, please send separate emails. If you have questions about this application, please contact Kristie Smith in the School of Nursing Student Financial Services Office at 615-322-8986. Thank You!


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