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Vanderbilt (First Year) Nursing Graduate/Professional Financial Aid and Scholarship Application (2013-2014)

Use this application if you wish to apply for scholarship and federal student loans. You must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive federal student loans.


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Scholarship Application Section


SKIP THIS SECTION AND CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON if you are a special student, if you currently have a Masters degree in Nursing, or your enrollment will be less than 12 hours a semester. DNP students should complete this section.

We prefer that you complete this scholarship application by March 1, 2013. However, applications
submitted after this date will still be considered for partial scholarships.

For MSN students only: If you are determined to be eligible for one of the full tuition merit scholarships, you will receive (by E-mail) a special scholarship application on or before March 29, 2013.


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  • Pre-Specialty/RN Pre-Specialty (Non Nurse, ADN or Diploma RN)
  • Direct Entry/Specialty (You have a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing or you are enrolling in the DNP Program)

* Yes No Will be an RN before August 1, 2013


(for female pre-specialty students only - do not answer this question if you are a Direct Entry student and/or a male student)

  • Protestant (includes ALL Christian denominations other than Catholic and Greek Orthodox)
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  • Greek Orthodox
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Contact: Kristie Smith
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Fax: (615) 343-0164


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