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Conversion of approved studies:

Submit an amendment to transfer data from the currently approved IRB application to the IRB application wizard. It is recommended that you include the following language in your amendment to expedite this process, “Amendment to transfer approved IRB application to DISCOVR-e enhanced wizard application.”

  • You will be completing the entire application again in the DISCOVR-e wizard.
  • Mainly, copying and pasting information from your currently approved application into the new wizard application.
  • Currently approved studies on older applications may require more significant updates.
  • Researchers will not be permitted to add anything else onto amendment submissions for transfer so that we can expedite this process as much as possible.
  • Currently approved exemptions, non-human and non-research submissions will not need to be converted.
  • We request that you hold other amendments until you have transferred your data to the new application wizard.

DISCOVR-e Manual

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