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Changes to studies that involve radiation exposure for research purposes:

 The process for IRB review of submissions which involve radiation exposure for research purposes has changed.  The change is being implemented with the goal of streamlining the review process while maintaining protections for research participants.  Beginning on April 1, 2016, review of submissions involving radiation will be incorporated into the IRB Health Sciences Committee review.  A separate review by the Human Subjects Radiation Committee will not be required, and investigators will no longer receive a separate approval letter for the radiation procedures involved in the study.  Any requested changes in connection with radiation procedures will be made as part of the IRB committee review.  If there are exceptions to this process, a member of the HRPP will contact you with additional information.

Research proposals which fall under the FDA regulations for use of radioactive drugs in research will still require review and approval by the Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) before final IRB approval can be given.

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OHRP Research Community Forum:

The Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) Research Community Forum (RCF) will be hosted in Nashville, TN by Vanderbilt University and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on June 21-22, 2016.  The RCF conference will focus on changes in research and the regulatory and ethical issues for protecting human subjects.

This RCF offers up 11 hours of CIP continuing education credits, 12 hours of CME and CNE Credits and counts toward multiple certification programs such as SoCRA and ACRP.

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