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Phone List


Staff Title Email Phone Number
 Ahler, Melissa  Executive Director  Melissa Ahler   615-936-1078
 Caldwell, Shane  Insurance Manager  Shane Caldwell   615-875-8063
 Larson, Holly  Office Assistant  Holly Larson   615-322-5155
 Mudrick, Thom  Claims Manager Thom Mudrick   615-875-3410
 Parker, Patricia  Claims Representative  Patricia Ridley   615-936-0865
 Prewitt, Terry  Data Analyst  Terry Prewitt   615-343-0693
 Pursley, Amber
 Coordinator and Exec. Secretary for Melissa Ahler 
 and Dawn Riddle 
 Amber Pursley   615-875-8064
 Purvis, Stephanie  Senior Accountant  Stephanie Purvis   615-936-0663
 Riddle, Dawn  Director - Protection of Minors  Dawn Riddle   615-936-5935
 Woodard, Tracy  Senior Claims Representative  Tracy Woodard   615-343-3788