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Phone List


Staff Title Email Phone Number
 Bledsoe, Sandy  Assistant Vice Chancellor  Sandy Bledsoe  936-0660
 Ahler, Melissa  Director - Risk Financing  Melissa Ahler  936-1078
 Baker, Beau  Insurance Manager  Beau Baker  936-0655
 Barrow, Betty  Clinical Risk Manager  Betty Barrow  936-5341
 Crawford, DeAnna       Senior Executive Secretary to Sandy Bledsoe  DeAnna Crawford  936-1429
 Davis, Jeff  Claims Administrator  Jeff Davis  936-0664
 Holcroft, Nancy  Admin Asst to Betty Barrow & Cherry Salmon  Nancy Holcroft  936-7192
 Kinnard, Nicole  Litigation Paralegal  Nicole Kinnard  936-0657
 Larson, Holly  Office Assistant  Holly Larson  936-0660
 Moat, Diane  Director - Clinical Risk Management  Diane Moat  936-0658
 O'Bryant, Kevin  Database Analyst  Kevin O'Bryant  936-5922
 Purvis, Stephanie  Accountant, Risk Financing  Stephanie Purvis  936-0663
 Riddle, Dawn  Director - Protection of Minors  Dawn Riddle  936-5935
 Ridley, Patricia  Workers Comp Claims Representative  Patricia Ridley  936-0865
 Salmon, Cherry  Clinical Risk Manager  Cherry Salmon  936-7183
 Schenk, Christie  Assistant Director - Clinical Risk Management  Christie Schenk  936-5909
 Williams, Jessica  Insurance Data Coordinator Jessica Williams  936-5921
 Woodard, Tracy  Senior Workers Comp Claims Representative  Tracy Woodard  936-0656
 Zidank, Debbie  Worker's Comp Coordinator Assistant  Debbie Zidank  936-0662