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Risk Management

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Roles and Responsibilities

Question Type Contact Name & Email Phone Number
Automobile Allocations/Driver Lists for departments Stephanie Purvis 936-0663
Auto/Property/General Liability/Visitor Injuries Jeff C. Davis 936-0664
Auto ID Card/MVRs  Stephanie Purvis 936-0663
Bonds Stephanie Purvis 936-0663
Certificates of Insurance (Professional, General Liability, Workers Comp, Automobile) Beau Baker 936-0655
Education about Risk Management Christie Schenk 936-5909
Fine Arts Collection Stephanie Purvis 936-0663
General Liability Allocations Beau Baker 936-0655
Medical Professional Liability (Malpractice) Betty Barrow 936-5341
Medical Professional Liability (Malpractice) Cherry Salmon 936-7183
Medical Professional Liability (Malpractice) Christie Schenk 936-5909
Notifying Patients of Recalls of Medications or Medical Devices Betty Barrow 936-5341
Professional Liability Insurance Allocations Jesse Moles 936-8428
Professional Liability Verifications/Claims Jessica Williams 936-5921
Property Allocations Beau Baker 936-0655
Protection of Minors Dawn Riddle  936-5935
Receiving letters of Claim/Letters of notice from attorney(s) Nicole Kinnard 936-0657
Receiving subpoenas regarding the Medical Center Ryan Campen 936-1278
Receiving subpoenas regarding the University Nancy Short 232-8613
Workers' Compensation Jeff C. Davis 936-0664
Workers' Compensation Tracy Woodard 936-0656
Workers' Compensation Patricia Ridley 936-0865
Workers' Compensation Debbie Zidank 936-0662
VERITAS access and education/Report Requests Kevin O'Bryant 936-5922
VERITAS troubleshooting/First Report of Injury Troubleshooting Kevin O'Bryant 936-5922