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FAQ on Vanderbilt-IKON Relationship
Question Answer
What is the status of Vanderbilt's relationship with IKON Office Solutions? As of November 24, 2008, Vanderbilt has notified IKON of our intention to terminate our contractual relationship.
What exactly does this mean?

As of 11/25/08, IKON will not be allowed to install any new equipment or renew any service maintenance agreements with Vanderbilt.

Why was this decision taken?

Vanderbilt has had longstanding issues with IKON's performance.  These include problems in billing, timeliness of machine installs and removals, and compliance with the terms of our contractual relationship.  Resolution of these issues was unsuccessful even after much time and effort.

Who made this decision?

Procurement and Disbursement Services ultimately oversees relations with suppliers who service the entire VU community. This includes terminating supplier relationships when necessary.  In this case, Procurement has taken this step after consultation with multiple departments which have IKON equipment currently or have had it in the past, including the Copy Center and the Smart Printing Initiative.

What about active IKON equipment leases?

All equipment which is currently leased from IKON will be maintained until the contractually mandated termination date as stated on each individual lease agreement.

What about VU-owned equipment that is currently being serviced and/or maintained by IKON?  (Note:  no Smart Printing equipment falls into this category.)

IKON is contractually required to continue to service machines with current service/maintenance agreements until such agreements expire.  Please contact Procurement 60 to 90 days prior to the expiration of the current service/maintenance agreement in order to obtain a new agreement from an authorized vendor.

What happens when an IKON machine lease is up?

It will be replaced by another of Vanderbilt's authorized copier vendors. For units in the Smart Printing program, the usual replacement procedures will apply. For other machines, please contact Procurement 60 to 90 days prior to the current lease expiration date in order to obtain new equipment from an authorized vendor.

Can other suppliers support Star Panel adequately? Yes.  Tests have been made, and this verified that network-capable units from our other authorized suppliers can be configured to interface properly with Star Panel.
What if I have questions about this change? It is the intent of Procurement and everyone involved in copier administration that this change impact end users as little as possible.  For any questions or issues, please contact the responsible person shown below.
Purchase orders, owned machines, invoicing for machines not in the Smart Printing program, etc: Andrea Netterville, Procurement
ext. 2-3275
Star Panel scanning questions or issues: Anne Dixon, Medical Information Services
ext. 3-1825
Smart Printing questions or issues: Frank Ashe, Copy Center
ext. 3-2537
See Procurement's statement here: Termination of IKON Office Solutions Master Agreement
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