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Custom Antibody and Recombinant Protein Experts

Custom Polyclonal + Monoclonal Projects

Polyclonal Antibody Project

Polyclonal projects in rabbits, chickens, or other species, are also available as stand alone services.  Prices vary by species and project requirements.  Please contact us or submit a project to get a quote or for more details.

Polyclonal Antibody Purification

The VAPR has deep experience in virtually every approach to affinity purification of antibodies.  We can purify traditional polyclonals, phospho-epitope targeted antibodies, subtractive approaches, and many others.

Antigen Generation

The VAPR has a robust suite of protein production services that allow us to make highly purified immunogens for antibody projects.  Side-by-side comparisons have repeatedly shown that using recombinant protein immunogens is far superior to peptide immunogens. Moreover, our cutting-edge molecular biology techniques allow us to quickly make virtually any DNA sequence for expression.  This allows us to include/exclude virtually any part of the protein and make novel versions of the protein.  See our protein services page or contact us for more information.

Exact prices will vary according to the actual services and activities required.  

Please contact us or submit a project to get a quote or for more details.

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