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Monoclonal Antibody Production Process

Overview: The entire process from immunization to final freezing of positive monoclonal antibody producing cell lines (hybridomas) takes 5 months. Because of the time and cost involved, people have a hard time getting started and frequently seek less desirable alternatives, such as production of polyclonal antibodies in rabbits. However, over the long run it is always worth the effort - there is really no substitute for good monoclonal antibodies. The key is getting started. The technology is reliable, and our success rate is very high for antigens that induce reasonable immune responses. Use the flow chart associated with this page to get a feel for what is involved.

How to use this page: This flow chart outlines the entire process of generating monoclonal antibodies through our core facility. From beginning to end, it takes about 5 months and involves coordinated interaction between you (the user) and us (the core). Yellow boxes describe aspect of the process that require specific user input. Gray boxes describe activities done mostly or exclusively by the core. To see detailed information on any part of the process, click on the individual box.